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Mad Science special events are flexible and can be customized to suit your needs, schedule, budget, or audience size. 

They typically include a show, booths and/or make-&-takes.  We have done many variations, some totally unique!


TO BOOK A SHOW OR OTHER SPECIAL EVENT, JUST CALL US AT (515) 865-1766, or e.mail to providing us your phone number, and we will call you at one of your available times you provide us.


Regarding Shows as one type of special event, we offer the following listed below.  We call them "Impact Shows" because of the both the educational and entertaining impact they bring to your audience ... adults alike!  Each of our shows include numerous kid volunteers!!




Totally enjoy this wonderful mix of chemistry, controlled explosions, and true short stories about what famous scientists did as elementary-aged students!!!  The stuff they put in ice cream to make it so good; Science behind how wind instruments work; Henry Ford story; Acetic acid and sodium bicarbonate balloons; The Mad Science "Silent" Boom; Marie Curie story; Overflowing plastic foam; Exploding dance partner; Charles Kao story; Chemi-luminescence and Bio-luminescence; Explode the gas that makes up our sun;  Indoor "rocket blast-off" finale.    





The Mad Scientist story tells true events from their life or someone close to them, which each represent a different aspect of good character.  Each true story is celebrated by doing a couple wonderful experiments such as:  How to make toilet paper fly; What it is like to be stepped on by an elephant's foot; The wonders of dipping into a tar pit; Measuring lung capacities; Taking a hovercraft ride; and, weather permitting, shooting off a rocket outside!





This show's purpose is to make sure the children set their goals way high ... up in the sky!  We'll integrate theme-appropriate experiments such as:  A centrifugal platform; An emerging dream cloud; Getting a "helping hand" from time to time; Habits hindering reaching your dreams; a cute one showing dreams reached slowly, or fast; and, weather permitting, shooting off a rocket outside, to exemplify just how high students should set their goals!




This fine show alternates "ice" experiments with "fire" experiments.  It includes wonderful dry ice experiments mixed within tri-nitro cellulose, an appearance by Eggbert and multiple explosions!





An eclectic show that demonstrates a wide variety of science with experiments such as:  Acids & bases; an asteroid crash; the power of hydrogen explosions; kids that can't pull apart a contraption held together only by air; with appearances by The Flying Dragonfly, and RoboBug!




The idea here is how many splishes and splashes can we make that involve little or no water!  It includes wonderful experiments such as:  A dry balloon "splash"; Colored thick liquid layers; A Cloud explosion; Water that won't come out of jar that has NO lid; Changing water to pink lemonaide, and then to milk, and then to orange juice; and, a "rocket blast-off" that turns out to make a "splash".



This show takes the children around the world by highlighting scientists from different countries, recognizing their key contribution to science, and then doing an experiment celebrating all this.  There is a large map board with a picture of each scientist by their country.  We also celebrate by all chanting together a phrase in the native language of the scientist, so the kids speak many multiple languages in one setting!  The show includes experiments such as:  A guest appearnce by BOB; A hot air balloon; Insect defenses; and what it is like to get bit by a huge Alaskan mosquito!





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