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Birthday chemistry
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Q: For what ages are your parties appropriate?
A: Our school-age parties are appropriate for children from 6 to 11 years of age. We also have preschool-age parties for those turning 4 or 5 years old.
Q: Will there be a mess for us to clean-up from the Mad Science portion of our part?
A: Not at all.  Our Mad Scientists are instructed to completely clean-up.
Q: What do kids do at a Mad Science birthday party?
A: During the first approximately 45 minutes, the Mad Scientist will engage the children with amazing science demonstrations that are conducted with the help of your birthday child and guests. Some examples of experiments that may be included are: fitting a hardboiled egg into an impossibly small space, seeing flash paper disappear by a Tesla Coil, and setting money on fire without burning it. During the final approximately 15 minutes of a 6 to 11 year olds' party, the kids will make slime or a superball to take home as part of the standard party package. This can be added on to a 4 to 5 year olds' party. Adding on a rocket launch or cotton candy will add approximately 20 minutes to the length of your party.
Q: How far in advance do I need to book my party?
A: Most book their party 2 weeks to 2 months in advance.  The earlier you book, the higher the chances are we will have the date, and a Mad Scientist available for your party.
Q: What do I need to do to make a reservation?
A: You can call us at (515) 865-1766, or e.mail to  We make every attempt to respond to your request within two business days, and one if at all possible. If you call and reach us live, we will take your request right over the phone.  We require a $70 deposit to book your party and accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover. Should something occur where your party cannot be held as planned, your deposit is good for the next twelve months.
Q: What time can I have my party?
A: Whenever you need it!  The only exceptions are Sunday mornings and major holidays.  All dates and times are subject to availability.
Q: Do I need to know the exact number of kids attending my party to book it?
A: All we need is an estimate of the number of children you expect to attend. We ask that you plan for the largest number of children expected. The party price is good for up to 12 children ages 4 and up, including the birthday child and siblings.  You can have additional children at your party for a nominal per child fee.  An estimate of numbers is fine, as you are charged only for the number of kids ages 4 and up actually attending.
Q: Where can we hold our party?
A: We come to you!  You may have your party at your home, or any 3rd party location you arrange.  Our experiences over the past 10 years show the vast majority of parties are held right in the home.
Q: When will the Mad Scientist arrive? 
A: The Mad Scientist will arrive approximately 15 minutes early to set up. They will be ready to start the Mad Science portion of your party at the time you booked. It is best to invite your guests for at least 15 minutes prior to when Mad Science is scheduled to start, to ensure all guests are there when the Mad Scientist begins.
Q: What do we need to provide the Mad Scientist, and how much space is necessary?
A: You only need to provide the Mad Scientist some kind of a table/kitchen island/fireplace hearth for them to set their equipment on.  The kids are best seated on the floor, several feet back from the table, or in chairs at their own table(s).  If seated on the floor, if you would imagine them stretching out their legs/arms, and just being able to touch finger/toe tips, you have the right space required!
Q: Do we need to be able to darken the party room?
A: This is very useful, as we always have at least one experiment that works best under darkened room conditions.  We do not need (or want) it completely dark, but the darker the better otherwise.  More than once we have gone to different room/area of the home/facility to do such experiments.  You may need to hang a dark blanket or bath towel or two over window(s)/glass door.  
Q: How much space is needed for the rocket launch?
A: The Mad Scientist will need a medium to large sized back yard or neighborhood open space to launch the rocket. Let's discuss, as we can usually decide over the phone/internet if you have enough space.
Q: Once I have scheduled my party, can I make changes to it later?
A: Any changes to your party must be scheduled at least three business days before your party.
Q: Is it okay to have other activities going on while the Mad Scientist is performing?
A: The Mad Scientist will begin at the scheduled start time and continue until our portion of the entertainment is finished. We will not be able to stop for any other activities (ex. eating, opening presents, etc.). Please plan accordingly.
Q: Will I receive a courtesy call by the Mad Scientist?
A: The Mad Scientist will call approximately 3 business days in advance to confirm your party details.
Q: What is your tipping policy, and when do I pay for the party?
A: If the kids have a good time and you believe the Mad Scientist did a job worthy of a tip, they will certainly appreciate it!  Tip just as you would at a restaurant, which can vary according to the positive quality level of the experience.  Please tip them seperately, and we will then process the non-deposited balance of your party to your credit card in the days/weeks after the party.  We would have already reminded the Mad Scientist of the tipping tax-process.

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